Astro Berlin Rosher Kino Portrait 75mm f2.3 No.2

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Production: 1928?
Component: 3gourps 4lenses
 Petzval type

Lens Impression

Rosher Kino portrait に関する解説はksmtさんのHP(www.ksmt.com)にもっとも詳しく載っています。
それによると映画監督のCharles Rosher が1928年の映画Tempestの撮影用にアストロ・ベルリン社に作らせたレンズということのようです。それでは滅多に見かけないわけですね。
ペッツバール型のレンズ構成ですが、後群の交換により周辺部の収差を変化させ、描写の特性を変えています。私のこの個体はNo.2の後群が装着されており、より周辺部の収差が目立つタイプとなっています。MS Opticalさんのご尽力により、ライカに連動します。

The analysis and explanation was made in details by ksmt at his HP (www.ksmt.com)
In accordance to it, Rosher Kino Portrait lens was made by Astro Berlin by the order of famous movie derector Charles Rosher for the shoot of 'Tempest(1928)'.
The lens component is typical Petaval type, but has the function to modify its bokeh effect by changing its rear element. My lens has no interchangable element but fixed with No.2 type rear element..
Thanks to MS Optical R&D, this one is couples with Leica M.
The description is typical Petaval. The center part is very clear and sharp, on the other hand the peripheral area show strong bokeh by curvature of field aberration.
It is enjoyable and very similar to the description of Dallmeyer Kinematograph.

 Photos with Astro Belrin Rosher Kino Portrait 75mm


I enjoyed the trial shooting of this Rosher Kino Portrait.

Because of strong characteristic of Petzval type lens, it shows difference of its good and weak rather clearly.
In taking landscape photo in full apperture, it shows the description sometimes of the miniature photo because of such strong curvature of field in peripheral area.
In taking portrait or snap shots in 2-3 meters area, it show very fantastic expression on the otherhand.