Astro Berlin Pan-Tachar 50mm f1.8

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製造年 : 1940-41年ごろ
レンズ構成 : 4群4枚

Production : c1940-41
composition : 4group 4lens

Lens Impression


A description at full aperture is soft and can be seen considerable blur even in the center of image. It shows moderate? Swirling bokeh around the peripheral area, but doesn't have strength of Kino-Plasmat. Though it becomes sharp when closing diaphragm, there is no touch of feeling too hard. It tends to appear the color of magenta a little stronger in the daytime, but I think it is no abnormal because it is a considerably old lens. Since conditions are moderately mixed with blur and swirling bokeh, it comes out, as this hobby lens, I think that it can be a useful and easy to use lens from now on.

 Photos with Astro Pan Tachar 50mm
Bali Island
神像 Idols


光景 scene


This was my first visit to Bali. The ocean is beautiful of course, but I had rather more interest on its original cultual heritage. I felt such feelings from shops along the roads selling religious goods as much as temples.
As I had little free time to spend, I could take superficial photos only, so I would like to visit again to spend loose time.
Asto Berlin Pan Tachar 50mmf1.8 shows enough taste of typical old lens. You can find its description of aberrations on photos of Idol statues taken at full aperture and confirmed it is such fun lens again.

Covent Garden

These are the pictures which amuse me a lot by the peripheral swirling bokeh, comatic aberrations, and blur. It seems that this shows much flare in photos taken in daytime, it comes mainly from strong influence of clouded glass rather than aberration on lens composition. I had better send it to the cleaning in the future.

OXO Tower


Characteristics of this lens appear well when I photograph the night. The condition of blur seen in general tendency and the swirling bokeh to be seen in the second picture. The particularly last example is which cut the upper part of a lengthwise photograph, the characteristic by various aberration appears in bokeh of the source of light wonderfully. Because the circumference part of the source of light becomes considerably bright, it seems that the originally existing spherical aberration has considerably corrected. Moreover, bokeh collapses as flat as going to the surrounding, I think much are from the astigmatism though there are also some vignetting. In addition, the some comatic aberration seems to stay because the brighter halo of bokeh in peripheral area gathers above likewise towards the outskirts.

Portobello Market
Ebayで購入したものですが、Astro Berlinアストロベルリンは望遠レンズが多いなかで、標準レンズしかもMマウントになっているということで、入手いたしました。

While there are many telephoto lenses in Astro Berlin, this lens is a standard lengs so I decided to buy in ebay and also in Leica M mount. This is quite a ‘bokeh lens’. The condition of blur in full aperture, and the swirling bokeh in the circumference are the quite good touch.