Taylor Hobson Anastigmat 2inch f2.0

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Production: around 1951
Lens composition: 4group 6lenses
  Modified Double Gauss type

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第二次世界大戦後、英国軍が占領したドイツのライツ工場から接収したライカIIIbの設計図を基にして、Reid & Sigrist社が製造した「Reid Camera」に装着された標準レンズです。Reid Cameraには距離計とスローシャッターの有無によって、I型からIII型までありますが、多くは英国軍に納入されました。このレンズのマウントはもちろんライカL39で、レンズ構成は4群6枚の標準的な変形ダブルガウス型のレンズです。

1920 Cooke
50mm f2

11931 Speed Panchro 50mmf2
1951 Cooke Amotal 2inch f2
1951 Cooke Anastigmat 2inch f2

1952 Cooke Radiographic 2 inch f0.8

1955 Cooke Super Speed Panchro 50mm f1.3 type1

1955 Cooke Super Speed Panchro 50mm f1.3 type2

1957 Cooke Telekinic 50mm f2

1958 Cooke Ivotal 2inch f1.4

1958 Cooke Telekinic 50mm f3.5

11960 Cooke Kinetal 50mm f1.8

これらのCooke標準レンズの中で、もっとも美しい外見を持つのが、この2inch Anastigmatレンズだと思います。

After WW2, British army confiscated blueprints of Leica IIIb from the Ernst Leitz factory in Germany. Reid & Sigrist Co. manufactured 'Reid Camera' with that blueprints and its adapted lens was this TTH Cooke Anastigmat 2 inch f2.0. Reid Camera has three variations from type I to type III in accordance with the equipment of slow shutter speed and the range finder which mainly were delivered to Blitish Army.

Its lens mount is Leica L39 coupled and its lens composition is typical Modified Double Gauss type.

Normal lenses of TTH Cooke exists several variations , some of them are shown above. I personally think the most beautiful lens in above is this 2inch Anastigmat lens.
The description of this lens is very sharp and clear, also it shows typical bokeh of Modified Double Gauss type with rather strong double line bokeh at middle range. But its bokeh at close range is very tender and neutral.

 Photos with TT&H Anastigmat 2inch f2.0


It was a cold day but with tender winter sunshine falling.
Even it spent already more than 60 years, this lens shoed very transparent expression.
On the other hand, it positioned a little far from Nijimi Lens group.
However, I think it is rather cool to walk with this very small light and beautiful lens.