Dallmeyer SuperSix 3inch f1.9

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Camera:Exakta VP Nacht
-Meyer Primoplan 8cm f1.9
-Zeiss Biotar 8cm f2
-Schneider Xenon 8cm f2
-Dallmeyer Super Six 3 inch f1.9

Lens Impression

XAKTA VP Nacht-Exakta用に用意された4本の大口径標準レンズの1本で、現在最も入手しにくいレアなレンズです。

It is Dallmeyer Super-Six 3inchf1.9 attached to EXAKTA VP Nacht-Exakta. I had asked to Mr. M and make an adapter for EOS5D. Of course, it can easily be returned to the original Exakta mount.
Because I have to use 127Film in the original Exakta VP, it is trouble to get the film, and the developing takes time. In addition, the print works is by hand and costs almost 300 yen per print, I think that it became a really good world that this lens can be used by digital SLR.
In 2016 I asked to make the custom made adapter for Leica S2.

 Photos with Dallmeyer SuperSix 3inch
Shinagawa shukuba  festival

LEICA S2で撮影しました。毎年恒例にしている東海道品川宿の祭りです。与野の大正時代祭りと並んで、参加者と比較的容易に交流することができるイベントとして気に入っています。

All photos were taken with Leica S2. Visiting 'Shinagawa Shukuba Festival' became my annual event. As well as 'Taisho jidai matsuri at Yono city' , I like this festival where I can interact with participants of the festival.
Dallmeyer Super Six 3 inch for Nacht Exakta camera is one of the most rare lens of such format. I newly found the description fo this lens was such tender. The compatibility with Leica S2 would be very good.

Night in Park Lane


The descriptin of this lens also rampage inte the night. The examples are in full aperture. Although eyes go to the huge ghost maybe by the inside reflection, it is a lens which has the fascinating metling bokeh, I want to give a good care.


(下段右から3枚)夕刻にいっぱい飲みに入った鎌倉のバーです。「tin・・・・」とかでしたが、忘れてしまいました。こういうライティングですと、新規導入Dallmeyer Super-Sixの柔らかなトーンが十分に雰囲気を出してくれるようです。

The upper row Swirling bokeh sometimes coming out and sometimes not, and it is a quite whimsical lens, but it seems to be a main characteristic that a gentle blur covers totally. Flare appears when even small light directly coming into the lens, a hood is necessities.
(the lower left end)The ghost is coming out downward splendidly when the lamp is put in the upper part of the screen. By the way, the number of shops that sell fireworks in such manner has decreased.
(middle of the lower rowIt is a bar in Kamakura which I entered for one glass to drink in an evening. I forget, although the name was, such as "tin ....".  When it is under such lighting, the soft tone of this newly introduced Dallmeyer Super-Six seems to give an enough feelings of atmosphere.

at garden



(The 1st  from the left The bokeh of the back, I feels, considerably big. In addition, I feel the taste of rareness that other lenses on hand currently do not have.
(The 1st from the right I think that the sense of uniqueness of the front bokeh, which looks to oozing out from the subject. Because it was clouded on that day, I do not understand the description of highlights well, and delicate blur seems to come out.