Dubroni Petzval lens in 1850-60(est)  focal 5inch

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レンズ構成 : ペッツバール型
製造番号 : なし

Lens composition : Petzval type
Serial number : nil

Lens Impression

Appareil Dubroni 「No.1 Photographie de Poche」 Cameraを参照してください。
No. 3=Photographie de SalonもしくはNo. 4用のレンズなのでしょうか?

Please refer Appareil Dubroni 「No.1 Photographie de Poche」 Camera page about Dubroni Appareils Dubroni Camera which are a range of cameras
alloing sensitisation, development and fixing of wet collodion plate inside the camera.
This Lens has approx.5 inches, so I estimate this had been attached to No.3 or No.4 type.
The description of this lens is enjoyable with tender expression containing adequate halo on highlights.
The first samples of photo were taken with 35mm full size, therefore you can hardly observe swirling bokeh around peripheral area because of using only
center part of its image circle.

 Photos with Dubroni Petzval
Ueno Cherry blossoms


I put this lens on Pentax 67. Film I used were Fujicolor Pro 160NS,
I was fascinated with such misterious description of this lens. It appears moderate Halo even on the subject of center focus, but also it shows rather strong 2 lines boken with flare around peripheral area. I can not explain such expression only with the cuvature of field by typical Petzval type.
I realize the similar expression on lenses with excessive correction of aberration such as Leitz Thambar lens. But I can not distinguish what type this lens is.

Omurai ume matsurii


This plum event usually be held in latter half of February, the ambassadors lady often looks so cold. But it was a very fine day and warm light shone on them.
Halo on hight which is the characteristic of this lens appears rather stronger.
These very first petzval type lens has no apperture, so its description I feel is those of soft focus lenses.