Dubroni 「No.1 Photographie de Poche」 lens 70mmf3.5 on Leica S2  

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製造期間 : 1864年から数年間
設計・製造者 : Jules Bourdin  DubroniとはBourdin氏の文字並べ替え
製造台数 : 不明
レンズ構成 : ベッツバール型

Production : a few years from 1864
Manufacture : Jules Boudin
Lens composition : Petzval


Lens Impression

Dubroni No.1の70mmペッツバールレンズは本来5cmx5cmのガラス板に直径4cmの円形の画像を作る史上初の湿判インスタントカメラのレンズですが、その性能を最大眼発揮してもらおうと、30mmx45mmのCCDを持つライカS2に装着しました。


This small focal 70mm Petzval Lens for Dubroni No.1 Camera is usually for making a circular picture with 4cm diameter on 5cmx5cm glass plate by the wet collodion process. This time however I put it on Leica S2 camera which has 30mmx40mm CCD sensor to withdraw possible performance with digital process.
But it was not so easy……….

The difference between the Back-focus of the lens and the Flange-back of the S2 is not big enough to attach a kind of adapters. So I mounted the lens directly on the camera mount. I have to control the focus to push or to pull its inside body, I had to handle it so carefully.When I took photos of this lens using Sony α7R shown on the other page, I felt the impression of its description very sharp because of using rather central part mainly than this time on S2. On the other hand, I could confirm more characteristic of Petzval composition (curvature of field and astigmatism effect) using larger field of the Image-circle.

Photos with Dubroni 70mm f3.5 on Leica S2
Tsukiji , Tsukishima
働く人たち working people

人々 people passing by

光景 photo scene




I was so surprised its congestion of Tsukiji fish market in December that I could not keep the proper subject distance to take photos in my way. As time went, I finally got used to the feeling to continue taking photos.

After lunch at Tsukiji, we walked to Tsukishima. I enjoyed the photo walk around Kachidoki-bridge, Tsukudajima area.

As the number of photos on that day was big, I arranged the left example photos by their scene. Because these snap photos were taken without helicoid, I apologize the focus of those photos are not accurate, but I with you to feel the taste of Dubroni lens made around 1850-60.e