Officine Galileo Esaog 50mm f2.0

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製造 : オフィチーネ・ガリレオ社
販売 : フェラーニア社(販売開始1953年ごろ)
構成: 5群6枚
最短撮影距離:apprx 80cm

Manufacturing : Officine Galileo
Marketing : Ferania(start sales around 1953)
Angle of view: 45-46 degrees

Weight: N.A.
Lens Constitution: 5 groups 6 lenses
Shortest photographing distance: apprx 80cm

Lens Impression


This Italian lens with un-common name, Esaog 50mm f2.0 is from Condor II camera (35mm format/lens shutter) made by Officine Galileo S.p.A. Condor II camera has unique characteristic to be able to retract lens despite having lens shutter unit on lens. Because of its connecting system using metal bar, you do not need to turn lens to fix its position after pulling out. The condition of this particular one is good without big damage.
Its description is very sharp and the biggest characteristic of this lens is its static expression of the subject. Please confirm with some example photos below.

 Photos with Esaog 50mm

I intentionally gathered snap shots in the first half of photos. The most surprising for me is this Esaog 50mmf2 express people as if static figures. Actually, all people move very quickly, however I cannot feel the activeness in the pictures. I found it is a very interesting characteritic which not many people enjoy but I enjoy it.