Fujinon 35mm f2.0

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レンズ構成 5群7枚
最短撮影距離 3.5ft
フィルター径 40.5mm
重さ 187g
発売 1954年

Composition  5groups 7lenses
Shortest distance 3.5ft
Filter diameter 40.5mm
weight 187g
Start of sales 1954

Lens Impression


One of three brothers of Fujinon lenses(35mmf2.0、50mmf1.2、100mmf2.0) in 1950's, and started to sale in 1954 with 50mm(100mm in 1956). When judging from the present lens, it's an all ordinary specification, but at that time it was the considerable high-speed lens. The appearance is also excellent for this lens, and a chrome plated body on brass is very beautiful. It has a small knob on Helicoid, and the design of that knob is very beautiful and is something to make me arouse desires to get one very much.
The description which is essential of lens is very attractive. It's soft a little in full aperture and shows some swirling bokeh, but make me feel graceful sweetness, and changes to be very clear and sharp with closing a diaphragm. This clearness is not too hard and crispy, but smart.

 Photos with Fujinon 35mmf2.0  
On the way 2
(ちょっと散歩の間に 2)

Strolled in town again. The aperuere is around f5.6. I like the description of this lens which shows tenderness feeling in very sharp image.

On the way


When a strong light comes from a background, it shows some blur at the edge of highlights, but it hardly stands out in the usual light condition. No specific feature did not come out in the peripheral area of photos which I took some persons on the sidewalk which was around f4-5.6 aperture, but  on the other hand it shows modest but interesting effect of aberrations in circumference in the pictures of flowers and interiors.