Dallmeyer Kinematograph 2inch f1.9

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lens composition : Petzval type

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There are almost no data existing about Kinematograph lens..
There are also very few information now, I can say it is in the situation as ‘unknown’. Although it is almost clear from the name that it is a lens for movies, even lens composition is unknown. Since it has started in “k” of Kinema, this individual is presumed to be probably manufactured for Germany. Although Mr. Ksmt's Kinematograph at about 160mm was proved as ADON type of 2groups 4lenses, all cine lenses of 1-3 inch f1.9 are indicated as the Petzval type in the book of Mr.COX.
Although Dallmeyer company has often used the English word "Cinematography" in the book of BJPA, on the other hand, from the reality that the lens which starts with “C” of Cinematograph are very few, I may suppose that name of "Kinematograph" might have named to the various type of lenses what was exported to Germany for movies cameras.

 Photos with Dallmeyer Kinematograph 2 inch f1.9
Niels Yard


All phots are taken in full aperture. The main characteristic of this lens which shows so clear 
in center area and swirling bokeh 
in surroundings are seen in those photos. Niels Yard is famous as the name of cosmetic shops recently which originally is the name of a small lane near Covent Garden. Because it locates near Soho also, many young Londoner gather from somewhere in the evening.


Classic Cars




It has become a considerably big example collection. It would be greatly appreciated if you could enjoy the description of Kinematograph lens. In diaphragm full aperture, a swirling bokeh mainly by the astigmatism rules over the peripheral area considerably bold, but I think that accuracy and the sharpness of the focus of the central part is such a wonderful description that can be said even more than the other same kind of lenses. The character changes completely when I close diaphragm, and apart from very surrounding areas, the description of whole screen becomes clear. Especially the minuteness of depiction is worth of mention especially, and the description of the trees of a mountain is difficult to understand to be taken through the CCD of this size.