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Hugo Meyar社の非常に珍しい初期のプロジェクター用レンズ、Kinon Superior 50mmf1.6です。

It is a lens of Kinon Superior 50mmf1.6 , a very unusual rare projector lens of the Hugo Meyar Co.. This lens seems to have f1.5, too, but does not yet come across to me. Originally, since it was an object for projectors, neither an iris diaphragm nor Helicoido was attached. So when I asked Mr. Miyazaki of MS-OPTICAL, both are equiped splendidly and it was again re-born as the very beautiful Leica lens. When I look at the above-mentioned lens pictures, the completion of the lens is not strange to be said as one of the original Leica mount.
According to the spherical aberration test at the time of reconstruction, this lens is unexpectedly over correction type. At the time of full aperture, the flare by the over collection is remarkable and has brought the complicated compensation result of changing to the flare because of minus correction at f2. But the flare by spherical aberration on both side is favorable, and, for the impression of the photograph taken on a spot, comatic aberration / astigmatism remaining around the peripheral area is more dominant at the full aperture. Astigmatism shows a fuzzy swirling bokeh to the back, but the radiation pattern of bokeh to the front, which I personally like these very well, and no problem at all.

 Photos with Kinon Superior 50mmf1.6
walk around


I took the example photos at the full aperture. Peripheral aberration is remarkable. Although based on a photographic subject, it seems to be the lens which carries out quite dramatic expression. Because this lens is Petzval type, the swirling bokeh at the peripheral area seems different from that of Kino-Plasmat. I personally think that of Kino-Plasmat looks rather elegant.