Macro Elmar 65mm f3.5

Lens Data

Lens Unit

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構成: 3群4枚

Start sales 1960
Weight 270g
Composition 3groups 4lenses
Diameter of filter 41mm
Shortest distance 33cm

Lens Impression


This is a lens which is very helpful in case of necessity. The good and very stable description is given from the photograph of flowers to the object photography for Yahoo Auction. Although this is a lens for Visoflex originally, the adapter to Leica-R mount is attached and when it is connected to the R-EOS adapter, digital pictures of full-size by EOS 5D can be enjoyed. Lens composition is a very staraight Tessar type (refer to the Lens History table).

 Photos with Macro Elmar 65mm


The flowers in pots also became their best season. The focused subject is absolutely sharp. Bokeh shows also its characteristic tastes. My feeling is, it shows no blur, and the core part of the subjects in bokeh remains as it is and the edge part is fading gradually. If I take photos in macro, its taste comes out further more. Front bokeh is more natural and no feeling of 2 lines double image.

dogtooth violet in tochigi pref.


Although the village of the dogtooth violet of Mikamoyama mountain located immediately near from the parking lot, it also gave me quite a good feeling of the atmosphere of mountain, and was a wonderful place. There were many "middle-aged cameramen" who held the tripod. I think many of them carry Canon digital SLR camera with long and big lenses. Shortly after addressing just for a moment, their camera boast and lens boast came back, and it made me embarrassed a little.