Miranda Soligor 58mm f1.5

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発売 1960年ごろ
最短撮影距離 45cm
レンズ構成 5群7枚
重量 417g

Start Sales around 1960
Minimun distance 45cm
Composition53 groups 7 lenses
Weight 417g

Lens Impression



Although I did not get a very intense impression from its appearance and specs, this lens actually is a very rare less. The lens was attached to Miranda D type which was released in 1960 and it was described in the same year catalog, however, since the company suspended all domestic sales from 1960 to 64, it was resulted that the lens for exports only. Because there had been no image of the existing lens for a long time, it was called as a dream lens temporarily.
Therefore, I could not identify the period and of productionin nor the number of production and remaining lenses.
I also could not find the composition , so I presumed it from the number of the reflective surface of the front group and the rear group and the composition of 58mm f1.4 lenses of the other manufactures.
This lens gives the stable description of the image keeping the balance of subject and bokeh. The description of point lights is also good. As I estimate a modified double Gauss type, two-line bokeh due to overcorrection of spherical aberration is properly controlled and I felt it is a very usable lens.

 Photos with Miranda Soligor 58mm f1.5


I visited Asakusa on the next day of snow. This lens gave good image eve under the week winter light. I first felt its image was not such thin and fine, but I found delicate description when I checked the image in a big monitor.
There are not big flows in bokeh, it shows a little strong 2 lines bokeh. When they are piled up, it is possible to feel a little disorder.
I took some in the evening, the image of point lights are very stable. The other vintage lenses I usually use shows characteristic shape of them , this lens does not.


They are taken under spot lights in a dark room, but it gives very stable description for both of the subject and bokeh. I can find some flows of bokeh because of 2 lines bokeh in some pictures, I can say it is not such strong.