RÜO Kino 4.2cm f1.5

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社名:Optische-Werke Ruedersdorf , BERLIN
レンズ構成 : 変形スピーディック型(TVタハー類似)?
製造時期 : 1920年代

Company : Optische-Werke Ruedersdorf , BERLIN
Composition :  Modified Speedic type?
Production :  1920's


Lens Impression

RÜO Optik GMBHのカタログ(1924)にも登場しない大口径f1.5のレンズです。カタログには同名レンズでは4.2cmf2.0までの記載はありますが、残念ながらレンズ構成についてはf3.5、f2.5系列がトリプレットであること以外は書かれておりません。リュオOPTIK社の4.2cmf1.5のレンズとしてはCaleinarというレンズの存在も知られていますが、全く同じスペックでのリュオ・キノレンズは初めてです。ただしレンズ構成が同じかどうかは確認できておりません。中将姫光学さんからお借りしました。



Very fast lens which I could not find the name in the catalogue of RÜO Optik GMBH in 1924. It mentioned about RÜO Kino 4.2cm f2.0 but not f1.5 and it does not mention about the composition of f2.0 lens either. This is my first time to use RÜO Kino f1.5 which has the same focal length and aperture as RÜO Caleinar 4.2cm f1.5 which is also very rare.
I have no way to confirm if the composition of these two lenses are same or not. I borrowed this from the owner of Chujo-Hime Optical Blog..

I estimated the compositio of this lens as modified Speedic type because of the number of reflections of glasses, movement of the reflection and the curvature of 
the front and rear glasses.

This lens shows much flare as if the designer had not arranged to reduce its spherical aberration. Because of that, the areas to converge light and to diverge light
 overlap so much, so we can find focused area on many parts of the photo beside wide spread flare on all of them.
There shows Coma aberration too, but major is Spherical aberration, so the description improve greatly at f4. However on that condition this lens becomes a usual lens.

 Photos with RÜO Kino 4.2cm f1.5


Like the cherry blossoms, the flowering of the azalea was also fast this year. In the middle of April, the late blooming azalea was in full bloom already. The weather was very good and also warm this day, so it was perfect for testing rare lenses.
As you can see from the example, it shows very difficult depiction understand. I think that it is wonderful to find ways of expression suitable for this lens, so I continue to practice with this lens for a while.