Sonnar 5cm f1.5 1st version (Max Aperture f8)          

Lens Data

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製造 1932
レンズ構成 3群7枚
フィルター径 A42 かぶせ.

Production 1932
Composition 3groups 7lenses
Filter diameter  A42mm.

Lens Impression


おお、これはもしかするとf1.5のゾナーの最初期の数百本しかない「f8いちごゾナー」かもしれない。ケースから出していただき、よく観察すると間違いなく純正ですし、製造番号も141万番台、レンズもきれいで見事な品格です。 これで、片手で足りるお値段はお買い得でした。

I visited 'Shinjuku Camera-Haku' held between 21Aug and 27Aug, and found this Lens there.

It stands still in a little small pose surrounded by other precious assertive lenses.
I have not been apart from Sonnar lens because I know there are enormous Fake lenses selling because it had been one of the most precious lens in 1930-40's. However I know this Camera Shop is such reliable shop and a black nickel Sonnar f1.5 has been one of my desiable lenses for a long time. So I asked to show me well , , , ,
Its maximum aperture is f8.
Oh, it must be the 1st production of f1.5 Sonnar made only several hundreds. I checked in detail and am confident it non-fake, and also confirmed its serial number indicates 141xxxx, and glass are so clear. I could make a very good shopping.

 Photos with Sonnar 5cm f1.5 1st version
Yono Taisho-jidai matsuri

同じ日同じ場所での写真をDallmeyer Septac 5cm f1.5のページにあげてありますので、ぜひ描写の比較をしてみてください。

You can check the difference of description with Dallmeyer Septac 5cmf1.5 taken on the same day and same place.
I appreciate both are wonderful blurred lenses. Bokeh taste is quite different, reflecting the lens composition of both. As a personal preference, I may like the way the blur of the Double Gaussian deformated composition in general.

Super Yosakoi Festival


I took several photos with Sonnar f1.5 just bought.
The Super Yosakoi Festival is my very favorite, but it was a rainy day. I could not take so many samples.
What I felt to see the expression of this Sonnar f1.5 lens is that Sonnar is the 'different' lens from Double Gauss.
By each I can distinguish,,
 1. The center part is sharp but Sonnar does not show such keen sharpness of Double Gauss.
 2. It shows much less 'two lines Bokeh'.
 3. In addition of above2. it shows much less Coma aberration, so the atmosphere of Sonnar's Bokeh is more oozy.
 4. But the peripheral area shows more flow than Double Gauss because of astigmatism.
But it is more definite that the atomosphere of Sonnar is not that of Double Gauss in total.