MS Optical Sonnetar 50mm f1.1

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発売 2012年
構成 4群5枚 ゾナータイプ
最短撮影距離 0.8 メートル
重さ 190グラム(単体)

start sales 2012
composition 4group 5lenses
type sonnar
minimum distance 0.8m
weight 190g(lens only)

Lens Impression


Although Mr.Miyazaki of MS-OPTICAL R&D has been continuously developing new lenses after he introduced his 1st mile-stone MS-MODE-S 50mmf1.3, his production were rather small and dark apperture. In 2012, he at last introduced this Sonnetar 50mm f1.1.
The biggest 3 chracteristic of Sonnetar is 1/Surprising small size as Leica full size covered 50mmf1.1. 2/The amazing manual Coma aberration control system by moving the lens rear element by user himself. 3/Optional addition and control of soft focus effect by sending to MS-Optical.
All function are so fantastic.
My lens was modified to increase of soft effect by Mr.Miyazaki which is not so much. I concentrated in testing this lens in a couple of days, but I found it rather difficult to master both its handling and its description..

 Photos with Sonnetar 50mmf1.1
Miura Kaigan


I went Miura-Kaigan area to enjoy Kawazu-Sakura cherry blossom. It was just the best
day and I could enjoy the shining flowers. On the other hand, I could not take photos of
full apperture because of strong brightness.
I could feed both clearness and tenderness of the expression of the lens which I think
comes from the composition of Sonnar type design.