Summar 50mm f2.0

Lens Data

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構成: 4群6枚

Angle of View: 45-degree
Weight: 160g
Composition: 4groups 6lenses
Filter diameter: 36mm
Shortest distance: 1m

Lens Impression



Addition of Leica lens after a long absence is Summar 50mmf2.0 so-called "Clown face”. This is the first fixed non-collapsible type of this lens released in 1933 which is considerably few, and the price is also expensive because it was switched to the collapsible body of the latter type soon next year. There are two kinds - the nickel and chrome – of this non-collapsible type Summar, the chrome is rather scarcer and the nickel finish that sees well. Mine is the nickel finish.
Description is soft as generally said, and especially as this individual one, it makes further soft expression as if one veil on that because of some frost in lenses. On the other hand, bokeh of the back makes larger changes, sometimes 2 lines double image bokeh is coming out strongly depending on distance and photographic subject, and sometimes appearing very impressive beautiful bokeh. I can consider that it shows the typical feature of the early double gauss type lens.

 Photos with Summar 50mm

I walked around Tokyo dawntown. It was a fine day with full of sunshine, the expression of example fotos appears with high contrast. This particular lens is not the same as the one until 2009, which is not re-polished. But its glasses are rather clear condition, so it shows less flare or halo than usual Summar lenses. Also I could find some soft description at the same time.
Covent Garden


The description of restored Summar is very clear as you see. Transparency of blue sky taken at the  closed aperure is excellent enough to be able to compare with summicron. On the other hand, this lens shows tender and soft expression in full aperture under the artificial lights.

British Museum


I asked Y Laboratory in Japan to restore. It is easily distinguish the difference of clearness of this time from the last examples which showed much flare from the clouds in the lens. However, blur around highlights and soft description still remains which is the characteristic of Summar originally. These two example photos shall be useful to judge the condition of old Summar lens.

(グラインドボーン オペラ)


The Glyndebourne Opera performed in the opera house which locates in green fields of about 1 and half hour drive by car from London is so famous that many fans come from every country in the world. Fortunately I could go to see this year. Many guests come with a table and chairs from early time and enjoy the time carrying out a picnic etc. until the commencement of a performance. But since a dress code is a black tie, we the Japanese can not relax so well. The description of the lens is just Summar, but image of red color looks nice and I can not feel bad with the taste of bokeh.