Summicron 35mmf2.0 8枚玉

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Start sales  1981
Composition  6groups 8lenses
Shortest distance 70cm
Weight  140g
Filter  E39

Lens Impression

有名な8枚玉のWetzler製です。ネット上の評判から、「開放ではちょっと眠い」、「切れも最新ASPHには及ばない」などの欠点については事前に把握しておりましたが、実際手にとって見るとなかなかどうして、いい感触のレンズです。最新ライカレンズはどうも軽々しい感じが付きまとっていて、なかなか購入にいたらないですが、このレンズの存在感は大したものです。小ぶりでずっしりという感触はまさに、Old Leicaならではですね。

This is the famous 8 lenses summicron and also made in Germany. From reading some reputations shown in the internet, I have been leaned about the defect of this lens which is "a little sleepy in full aperture” or “less equal to the latest ASPH" beforehand, but as I actually touch and use this lens, I felt it is nice and also gives me very good feeling at hand. The sense of existence of this lens is firm and wonderful, on the other hand, the latest Leica lens gives me a little ‘light and easy’ feeling and this is one reason that I have not been buying the new Leica lenses. I think the feeling of this lens that is small but heavy is the typical feeling of older lenses.
The description is far from bokeh lens, but this lens seems to be able to express both sharpness and atmosphere description. I think that it is the lens which chooses the cameraman who can do such description.

 Photos with Summicron 35mm 8枚玉
City-East London


The popular places for sightseeng tourists are located in 2 areas of London in general. The towe of London, Tower Bridge, St.Pauls Cathedoral, 
Gherkin are in the City, and Picadilly, Parliament House, Buckingham Palace, Trafalger Square, Soho are in the Westend. There are no populare seightseeing places in the east of London City, the circumstances changes so much after passing through the east end of the Cith by several hundred meters. Tourists are not recomended to walk alone there, however it is no problem during daytime.
Because I closed the diaphragm a little, this Summicron 8 elements shows sharp and high contrast descriptions.

to Derby


I brought it with me on the trip of the train this time. Therefore many photos were taken from the train window. It seems that the original sharpness of the 8 lenses Summicron has come out because it was fine weather also on the day. Because the windows of the train did not open, it is like taking it through a dirty filter. However I still think that this lens is something and wonderful.

Trafalgar Square

It is one of lenses which I started to use after coming to Europe. Because I thought that it should be just a legend of reputation at any rate, I found it made unexpectedly good description. The feeling of depth appears firmly in an unmanned tube station of the first photo, and aerial feeling is coming out among the sharpness on the other photos after the second.
Although the 2nd photo from the last was shake dag little, I thought this lens is not bad also for taking out the night scene.