Angenieux Paris 50mm f1.8

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発売 1942-1958年
レンズ構成 4群6枚
(Leica mount lens data)
最短撮影距離 1m
重さ 110g
フィルター径 34mm.

Sales 1942-1958
Composition 4groups 6lenses
(Leica mount lens data)

Shortest distance  1m 
Weight 110 grams 
Filter diameter  34mm.

Lens Impression


The standard lens which was equipped on Rectaflex as you can see above pictures of the lens. This lens is transcribed as Angenieux S1 to S21 of 50mmf1.5. Alpa, Gamma and Contax, and so on, there are various mounts, but it's said that those for Leica and Contax are few in particular (There are also a lot of remodeled ones.)
This lens is classified into rather simple Gauss type with 4groups 6lenses. The gentle description which doesn't have much peculiar tastes compared with f1.5 is the main characteristic.

 Photos with Angenieux 50mmf1.8
at Trafalger Square


As for the old lens, and a flashy ghost comes out rather more on strong back light. But it shows indeed delicate and minute description. I admired that description of the three dimensional image which makes the main subject rise in particular is excellent as shown in examples.

at London city


It was taken out after a long time, but I felt as Dejavu of the last time. The description is sharp and no peculiar tastes. Because it's photographed through glass, you can see rather strong blur in 2nd and 3rd photos. Because of remaining Astigmatism and the influence of the over correction tendency of spherical aberrations, you can see a little noisy 2 lines double image bokeh. But it seems the similar characteristic also for other French Angenieux and Kinoptik shows, I think it is a rather fascinating character for me.

at Daikanyama


Well, the description when I take photos, which shows more sharp and gentle beyond my expectation. In accordance of my own taste, I feel the S21 50mmf1.5 has more opportunity to be with myself. On the other hand, the root part in silver is beautiful and seems so fashionable to fit Leica M4, it would play a very active role to bring on the time of date with.