Angenieux Paris 50mm f2.9 Type Z2 

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レンズ構成 3群3枚 トリプレット

Production: 1942-49
Composition 3groups 3lenses(Triplet)

Lens Impression

  S: Double Gauss type ダブルガウス型 (4group 6element)
  X: Tessar type テッサー型 (3group 4element)
  Z: Triplet トリプレット型 (3element)
  R: Retrofocus type レトロフォーカス型
  P: Ernostar type (4gourp 5element) 望遠型
  Y: Ernostar type (4group 4element) 望遠型

The 3 jagged rings around the lens body are very beautiful as seen in the photos. This type is prescribed as Type Z2. There are several kinds mount of this Z2 type as in Alpa mount or in Rectaflex mount or others, however the Leica mount is very rare and can seldom be seen in the market. This lens is a collapsed type, but there also seems to exist a non-collapsed type. When I take pictures actually, I felt this was an excellent lens with three dimensional capability, and the description of the feel of a material.
The Leica mount lens of Angenieux company are generally symbolized by the following standard, so this lens is the triplet type.
    S: Double Gauss type (4group 6lens).
    X: Tessar type  (3group 4lens).
    Z: Triplet type (3lens).
    R: Retrofocus type 
    P: Ernostar type (4gourp 5lens) telephoto type
    Y: Ernostar type (4group 4lens) telephoto type

 Photos with Angenieux 50mmf2.9 
along the river Thames


I walked from the CITY of London towards the Buckingham palace along the Thames in the evening. The lens is not so strong against the afternoon sun because of the frost inside, but when adjusting a contrast a little afterwards, the remaining flare in the screen becomes also the very fascinating effect and I think it can be said that the atmosphere of the travel in photos rather rises by that.

at Marylebone


This lens has some frost in it, it becomes a little flare touch when the sky comes on screen, but I can say that it is an good lens to express the three dimensional feeling which makes me feel the depth of the subject. This also shows the feel of a material of the subject excellently in short distance photography.