Angenieux Paris 90mm f1.8

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This lens is also rare in the market. Mine is in an Exakta mount, so we can still see some left in the market, but we can seldom see the Leica mount type and the price is abnormally very expensive. The blue coating which may be called “Angenieux blue” are beautiful.
Description in full aperture is soft, but at the same time it shows good three dimensional effects. You can make the fascinating picture with the feeling that a main subject is profiled in the photo. When closing the diaphragm, it's becoming quite clearer, but I rather take photos in full aperture more.

 Photos with Angenieux 90mmf1.8
notting hill & birmingham


I'd like the balance of a clear description of main subject and bokeh on the back side. Because of that, you may feel the wonderful three dimensional image. In addition, the distortion is hardly seen with a geometrical subject.

Plum Flowers started


I was very impressed the description of this lens which makes me feel the depth of the scene very much.

Spring is coming


I like a garden in this season very much because there are many something to make me feel the foretaste of coming spring. The peculiar taste of bokeh of this lens plays the good role of pushing the subject which I aims to the front well.

Botanical Garden


You can come close to about 1 m, so you can use it in a kind of macro lens-like way. The focus has come to the pistil of hibiscus very well in an example. I think the mixture with artificial light is also creating the good atmosphere.

Bon Festa


It makes a main subject profiling excellently, right? The chemistry with the artificial light is also quite good.

Drums & Flowers


Very gentle and straight bokeh has come out, has not it? The three dimensional feeling which is the feature of this lens has also come out so well. A picture of the drum play is taken in a little closed aperture, you can see the sharpness was increased.