Astro Berlin Pictorial Tachar 75mm f1.8

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製造 :1926-27
レンズ構成 : 4群4枚

Production : 1926-7
Lens comp : 4 group 4 lens

Lens Impression

アストロ・ベルリン社は1922年に設立され、1925年に4群4枚構成のタッカー・レンズの特許(US PAT1540752)を取得しました。
この特許は、記載されているレンズ構成・形状から、1924年に英国テイラー・ホブソン社のりー(William Horace Lee)が設計したスピーディック・レンズ(GB PAT224425) との関係が気になるところですが、こうしたトリプレット型から派生した4枚のレンズは、1900年初頭さまざまなタイプが試みられています。

タッカーの生産は1926年から始まりますが、その初期に、同社ではおそらく顧客からのオーダーに応じたと思われる様々な「xxxxタッカー」というレンズが作られました。その目的は今となってはほとんど不明ですが、主なものには、複写用のKopier Tachar、コントラストを調整した?Contrast Tachar、映画用の多種Tachar、そしてこのPictorial Tacharなどがあります。


Astro Berlin was established in 1922 and obtained the Patent of Tachar lens(US PAT 1540752) which consists 4gourp 4lens in 1925.
I wonder the relations of this patent and  the patent of speedic lens invented by William Horace Lee of Taylor,Taylor & Hobson in 1924. however  we can also realize that many such designs of 4 lenses derived from 3 lenses Triplet type were attemped in early 1900s.

The production of Tachar had  started in 1926, and in its early stage, the company made various xxx-Tachar lens probably in accordance to the specal order from significant client. The purpose of such production is not cleat now, they made Kopier Tachar, Contrast Tachar, some xxx-Tachar's for movie, and this Pictorial Tachar.

in accordance with this serial number of 1434, it seems the production of this lens was very early in 1926-7, I think this lens shows very  typical characteristic of early Tachar lens. Because of its composition of 4 lenses with no pasteed group, the description of this lens is a kind of unruly in peripheral area. The center show very tender and smooth expression on the other hand. i still imagine this was made for portrait or other Pictorial expression intentinally.

 Photos with Astro Pictorial Tachar 75mm on Leica S2


The area around Kyojima is a precious district which keeps very Showa atomosphere. Probably, we can not see such scenary in several years, so I would like to wolk around such places more frequently.

What I realized this time, shops operated by young people to utilize showa's old housed are increasing gradually, it could also be hidden the future of this area.

The combination of the description of center and peripheral area which consists so complicted mixture of many kinds of aberrations interest me very much, and could get very nice three-deimentional expressions.


On a fine day, I walked around Aoyama area.
I found the open market and took some photos of cool atomosphere in the cinter of Tokyo.