Astro Berlin Astro Portrait 150mm f2.3

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このAstor Portraitレンズについては詳細はよくわかりません。非常に大きく、重いレンズで、IDENTOSKOPという一眼ハウジングと共に使用するようですが、このハウジングにバルナック・ライカを装着すると、レンズでボディがほとんど見えなくなるくらいです。中古市場でもほとんど見かけないこのレンズはやはり使用する人がほとんどいなかったのでしょうか。

Details of this Astor Portrait lens are not coming out yet. This is a very large and heavy lens and is used with one eye housing called IDENTOSKOP, if this housing is equipped with the Barnack Leica, a body will almost disappear by the lens. Were almost nobody who use this lens, because this is hardly seen also in a used market? As seen in a picture, I adapted this lens to PENTAX6X7, an image circle is likely to be bigger enough still more. Even so, it is thick and is a grand figure. Bcause it has a name called Portrait, I imagined that it shoule have considerably soft description, but it was the lens which, actually, was very sharp. Blur and light swirling bokeh are incorporated in that and becomes a very attractive lens.

 Photos with Astro Portrait 150mm
walk around my house


I removed only a lens part to attach into PENTAX6x7 by force because fitting digital camera to IDENTOSKOP seems the considerable remodeling necessary. The film is Ektachrome. I copied the positive film by a digital camera because I do not have proper scanner at hand now. Therefore, I think there are also quite unsightly portions, such as a jump of a highlight. Actual positives have richer gradation and still more sharp than theses pictures. I think that you can see the feature such as a delicate focus, peripheral seirling bokeh, and a little noise by the radial double imaged bokeh(two lines bokeh).