Boyer Paris Saphir 50mm f2.8

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レンズ構成 : 4群6枚(ダブルガウス型)
製造年 : 1945-47年ごろ

Lens composition = 4 group 6 lens(Double Gauss type)
Production year : 1945-47

Lens Impression

ボワイエ社(Optiques Boyer)に関しては「Boyer Paris Saphir 50mmf3.5」のページを参照してください。

おそらく、フランス製カメラ「Gallus Derlux」に装着されていたものをライカ連動マウントに変更したものでしょう。シリアル番号の近い同レンズを装着したGallus Derluxの写真を参考までに掲載しておきます。(collection-appareils.frより引用)

Boyer Paris Saphir 50mmf2.8

SOM Berthiot Flor 50mmf2.8

Gallus Gallix   50mmf3.5


For Boyer company (Optiques Boyer) , please refer to the page of ’boyer saphir 5cmf 3.5'.
In accordance to its serial number, I estimate that this lens was made around 1945-47 , several years later from the end of the WWII.
(this is what I borrowed from a friend in HKG)
I suppose this lens was taken out from French 'Gallus Derlux' camera and modified into coupled leica mount.
Please refer the above photos of 'Gallus Derlux' Camera which had variations also equipped with SOM Berthiot Flor, or Gallus Gallix lens.

The description of this lens shows very small flow or blur by aberraions in peripheral area with thin delicate expression. But it shows light flare in most area under backlight or half backlight conditions. Under forward light, I can not find flare but still shows halo on highlight of the subject which however brings me very tasty descriptions.

  Photos with Boyer Saphir 50mm f2.8
Kawagoe New Year
(川越 新年)

New Year in Kawagoe.
I think  the characteristic of this lens can be seen in these photos.
For my favorite taste of old lens, it has less disorder in the taste.
But I could feed the atmosphere of winter light and sunshine.