Dallmeyer 50mm f1.9

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There are various kinds of 50mmf1.9 lens made by Dallmeyer, which are Super-six, Kinematograph, and No name type as this one. Also there are several kins of type of Lens conposition which are Double-Gauss, Kino-Plasmat and Petzval. This lens is not such old age because the serial number is 58xxxx and the type of lens body is often seen among Dallmeyer's Cine lens.
The  composition of this lens is not definite, but seems to be Petaval from the shape of lens body and the number of internal reflections. Judging from the flow of description in peripheral area, it is not Kino-Plasmat type nor Double-Gauss type. I feel the description of this lens is between Super-Six and kinematograph.

Photos with Dallmeyer 50mm f1.9
Oxford street


The description of the centre part is clear ans sharp, but you can see some flow in peripheral area. Although it is not as much as Kino-Plasmat, there remain considerable astigmatism. I can't see much Comatic aberration.