De Oude Delft Minor 35mm f3.5

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start sales: 1950s ?
composition : Tessar type
minimum distance : approx 0.9m
under construction

Lens Impression

1939年にオランダのデルフト市に創立されたDe Oude Delft(The Old Delft)社は、写真カメラ用レンズというよりはむしろ、X線撮影、電子機器用などのレンズの生産が主力であった企業のようですが、なぜか1950-60年代に集中的にアルパ、コンタックス、エクサクタマウント、ライカLマウント、M42マウントなどの多様な小型カメラ用のレンズを供給していました。


De Oude Delft(The Old Delft) company was established on 1939 in the city of Delft, Netherland, which might have produced Optical equipment for X-Ray Photograph, or Electronics mainly, They at the same time in 1950-60s produced photographic lenses for small cameras for Alpa, Contax, Exakta, Leica, M42 and others.
They did not make so fast speed lens. As far as I know, the fastest lens might be Delfotar 5cm f1.8 which should be a trial product.

I think the most impressive characteristic of this lens should be the shape. Not only the thinness that can be said as a pancake lens, but also a shiny chrome conical lens barrel is very unique and exceptional. It seems that the main reason why this lens has been so popular for a long time even with the spec of it is rather ordinal would be for the design of the body as well as its rerity.
The descriptions of this lens are not such sharp, however I feel attracted by its taste to show slight blur on highlight.

  Photos with Delft Minor 35mmf3.5
Asakusa Ueno

Because it was very shiny, these photo shows rather stronger Halo flare on highlights. However it seems that such blur gives a slight unrealiness on each photo, so I felt each photo became more tasty descriptions.