Elmarit 21mmf2.8 ASPH

Lens Data

Lens Unit

Lens Photo

構成: 7群9枚

Angle of view  92°
Lens constitution  7 groups 9 lenses

Shortest photography distance  70cm
Weight  300g
Filter diameter  E55

Lens Impression


Perhaps one of the best 21mm lens which exist. It creates a clear image from the edge of the screen to the other edge. In the lens test, the description of peripheral area even shows more resolving power, the effect of the aspheric surface seems to work sufficiently.

 Photos with Elmarit 21mm
(ハイドパーク クリスマスマーケット)


The Christmas market seems hardly to be held in London. There might be many reasons for that, however I think one reason is the difference of the existence of "the open space" from continental nations. There are almost no such open space of the pedestrian priority in London which is surrounded by the city government building or churches or others like German or French town. Then it is lacking of excitement even if they open Christmas market with much effort in London. I do not know if It was the compensation, the market which includes the temporary amusement park was made inside the Hyde Park. It is most suitable for such subject which is difficult to realize the sense of distance to take one wide-angle lens. Since shutter speed is at most 1/8 seconds, it is difficult without a stroboscope to use longer lenses than standard. Because I have a principles not use the electronic flash, it was a no choice. The result can be seen, even it was the worst condition without tripod, but the description seems rather good.



Although the photographs of Oxford were introduced before, this time is a rival candidate's Cambridge. I feel sorry with a strange photographs from the beginning, but all of them are students of Cambridge University. Because it was just before Halloween on that day, students are doing collecting money activity in such woman's disguise. They were indeed elites in the highest rank of learning, I found most of them were very handsome. And the description by Elmarit 21mmf2.8 ASPH is really clear. Because of the strong wind, it is unusual to fall the temperature so quickly, however ,people eat ice creams and wears very thin clothes. Originally there seems to be a difference for temperature with Briton and Japanese; even as for the temperature setting in the plane , I sometimes see the argument whether to raise it or lower it. In addition, each college of Cambridge generally has a courtyard among buildings in this way. This lawn is very green and beautiful even in the midwinter. And it is decided that only the "fellow (special researcher)" of that college can walk on this lawn directly. The man dignifiedly appropriate for it passed just now. There was a river in the backyard of the college, and there was a pond, and the lawn which were so beautiful, too, but students got possible to go in and out in this place freely.


ロンドンから車で約1時間のオックスフォードはもちろん大学町で有名で、皇太子殿下も雅子さまも留学したところですが、最近ではハリポタの撮影によく使われたことから、世界中から観光客が押し寄せてます。ということで、ミーハーしていってきました。大学は夏休みなので、混雑した感覚はまったくありませんでしたが、ハリポタの「聖地」のクライストチャーチだけは別で、入り口からごったがえしです。エルマリート Elmarit 21mmf2.8 ASPHは遠景もくっきりと写してくれています。早くフルサイズで使いたいですね。教会の塔の上からみると、まるでイタリアのピサのような感じの風景です。

Of course, Oxford where is about 1 hour drive from London is famous for a college town, and also it is where the Prince and Princess Masako of Japan studied abroad, since it was often used as places of location for the movie of Harry Potter, many tourists are flooding from all over the world. Since the university was in the summer vacation, there was no such crowded feeling, but only Christ Church where is the "holy place" of Harry Potter was different. Elmarit 21mmf2.8 ASPH represents the distant subjects very clearly. I want to use it with a full size earlyier. The scenery seeing from the top of church tower makes me feel as if in Pisa in Italy.

Soho Area

SOHO, especially around Covent Garden area is such busy and crowded on Sunday. But I can have many shutter chances. Still, the sharpness of this Elmarit 21mmf2.8 ASPH is such wonderful. Specially, the 3rd to 5th photos taken in straight light even make my eye painful.

Under the sun in Okinawa in early summer, I think that there was no other lenses which shows that brightness straightly. For me who is very much fond of the "spectacle" in Japanese summer, I was able to leave a wonderful record. I can not forget ‘island shallot’, ‘awamori blandy’, ’ahsa sea weed’, ‘gohya’, and ‘okinawa samisen’. I could only stay 2 nights.


We made a plan to see the cherry blossoms along Sumida River on 1st of April. Since it is not interesting directly going to Asakusa, we went by a water-bus from Hinode Pier. In this season, the bus goes beyond the final stop and make passengers to watch the Cherry Blossoms along the river. When it is used by R-D1, the focal distance goes to about 32mm, but I can still feel enough super-wide angle atmospheres. Of course, it is very clear on the whole screen.


Even if it is a weak sunray, this lens clearly describes winter as it is. Because the air is clearer than summer, the feature of the subject may be able to be taken out rather more. Examples of the very refreshed image were located in a row.