San Giorgio Essegi 5cm f3.5 (Janua)

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製造 : サン・ジョルジョ社
製造年 : 1948年頃
構成: 3群4枚 (テッサー型)
最短撮影距離:apprx 1m

Manufacturing : San Giorgio
Production year : apprx 1948
Lens Constitution: 3 group 4 lens (tessar type)
Shortest photographing distance: apprx 1m

Lens Impression

イタリア製ライカコピー機の最高峰といわれているサン・ジョルジョ社ヤヌアカメラの標準レンズ、Essegi 5cmf3.5です。


Essegi 5cm f3.5 is the standard lens of San Giorgio Janua camera which is said the top peak camera among itarian copied Leica cameras.
Although it is said as the copied Leica, it has its own bayonet mount, we should say it the peak camera among italian range finder cameras.

The number of production of the Janua camera is said sometimes around 3000 or sometimes around 1000 to 2000, so it is so difficult to get it at reasonable price, I this time could purchase the lens only in very reasonable amount. The outlook of this lens is similar to Leitz Elmar or Summar, but this lens has more thickness and profoundess.
The composition of this lens is Tessar type which shows very stable description.

 Photos with Essegi 5cm f3.5
Mille Miglia in Japan

今回はイタリア最高性能レンジファインダーカメラともいわれるヤヌアの標準レンズである、エッセジー5cmf3.5を持参しました。このレンズ、どうしてもエッセージと読みたくなってしまいますが、あくまでSan Giorgio社の頭文字SGが名称ですので、エッセ・ジーと切るようです。

I can not come without Italian lens to shoot Mille Miglea.
This time, I tooke Essegi 5cm f3.5 the standard lens for the best Italian rangefinder camera, Janua. I can not stop this lens to pronouce as esseeji , but should read as esse-jee because the name comes from the initials of the company San Giorgio.
I gave the role of taking details of the vintage car to this lens.
Although, it showed some disorder aroung peripheal area, I could enjoy very beautiful expression of vintage cars this time in photos taken in rather near distance.




I am very interested in the heterogeneous statue, but in Akiya we can see several of them. As it seems they have been dug in the Edo era, it is not certain the reason why they made such expression. It seems that faith, fear, hope etc of the residents are engraved in each one chisel, I received a feeling of chills.
During walks of Hayama along the coast, the sun was strong and it was a very hot day, but Essegi 5 cm showed a very neat representation even under direct sunlight. However, in the four corners of the image, I could find  a slight flow which could prove one characteristic of
 Asymmetric Tessar. 5cm