Kinoptik Paris 25mm f2.0

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This is a cine lens, and I can not get detailed data yet. I asked Mr.Miyazaki to remodel into Leica L mount, and at the check of lens performance, he reported it was a excellent lens with most of the aberrations have been perfectly corrected. To compare with Kino-Plasmat of same 25mm, this lens shows unbelievable straight and sharp description certainly. You may not distinguish it from photos of lens, but the diaphragm is very unique which closes and opens with upper and lower diaphragm leaf blades in double.

 Photos with Kinoptik 25mm
fishing pond


Here is a managed trout fishing spot near London Heathrow Airport. However, fish's appearance is hardly seen which is a rather big difference from that of Japan. There are various birds in surroundings, and I could see cormorants as the big ones. The cormorants seemed to eat trout, and the manager sometimes shot a hunting gun (a real one). Although this lens does not cover the CCD of M8, it shows sharp and gentle descriptions very much within an image circle.

Shibamata Taishakuten


I went out for taking photos of the Taishakuten temple with several friends exactly on February 3 which is the eve of the beginning of spring. The Kameda brothers seems to have come (Though I did not see them). I carried the lenses of Kinoptik mainly, and one of them is this 25mmf2 remodeled from cinema lens. It is such small lens , but how do you feel the pictures? It seems a little narrow as four corners being kicked off (this is 16mm lens,,,,) ,but shows very neat, clear description capturing frosty day light well.

Christmas Decoration


I feel the blur at highlight is very clear and neat.

around my house


Those 5 photos were taken before remodeling mount to Leica L, I just fit it to R-D1 by manual. When taking photo at the shortest distance, I had to take five to six times to make focus. This is a real benefit by the digital.