Kleinbild-Plasmat 5cm f2.7

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発売開始  不明 年
構成 4群6枚

Start of sales unknown
Composition 4groups 6lenses
The same lens as Miniatua Plasmat

Lens Impression

Dr.Paul Rudolphが、その人生の最後を飾るようにして自ら設計したMiniature Plasmatは、Kleinbild PlasmatとしてRoland Cameraに提供された70mmだけだと、長年思ってきましたが、50mmという焦点距離のものが存在したのは大きな驚きです。今までのところ私自身ではこの個体のみしか確認できていませんので、いつ、何台が製造されたかなど、詳細は全く不明です。
描写は70mmのKleinbild Plasmatより、開放での周辺の流れが強く出るようですが立体感は強く感じられますし、ピント部分の精細さは共通しています。絞り込むと、周辺も含めてとてもクリアで、70mmと同様緻密な描写が楽しめます。

I have been thinking that there was only 70mm of Kleinbild Plasmat being offered the Miniature Plasmat that Dr.Paul Rudolph had himself invented as almost the last monument of his life, to the Roland Camera. It was a great surprise there is 50mm of thie Kleinbild Plasmat at my hand.  Because I have never seen the other 50mm of Kleinbild Plasmat, I do not know any data about this lens.
As for description, this lens shows a little more flows around peripheral areas, but I can feel good three dimensional feeling, and the preciseness of the focus part is common with 70mm. When closing diaphragm, it became very clear and accurate including the periphral areas.

 Photos with Kleinbild Plasmat 5cm


It is the usual Portbello Market. Because these photos are in closed aperture, you can see the minute description with expression of thin lines of this lens. The particle is rough because of asking the lab of the low price to make it into CD. It is necessary to buy a good scanner earlier.

Asakusa area


Although it seems that it has a tendency to bear flare from the upper light, the description of the atmosphere feeling is very superior. The color image by the negative film, although it drives a little aged feeling, it matched to the scene of this town well. The second photo in upper row is the partial enlargement of the 1st photo, you may see a little flow of peripheral area of this lens.