Lerebours et Secretan Landscape lens in 1850(est)  

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レンズ構成 : 貼り合わせの単玉
製造番号 : 2345

Lens composition : single achromat lens
Serial number : 2345

Lens Impression

1800年代には顕微鏡のシュバリエ(Chevalier)、実験機器のソレイル(Soleil)、望遠鏡のルルブール(Lerebours)を並び称されました。創業者はNoel Jean Lerebours(1764-1840)で、貧しい生まれながらも、12歳からパリの読書用レンズ製作所で働き始め、18歳で科学用具の製造の会社で独立し、その事業をスタートさせました。


カメラ用レンズの製造は、Noelから事業を引き継いだNicolas Mary Paymal Lerebours(1807-1873)が始め、@貼り合わせのダブレットレンズとAペッツバールレンズの2種類を主に行っています。セクレタン(Mark Francis Louis Secretan 1804-67)とは1845年からパートナーとなっていますが、彼がアカデミーの天文学のトップであったことから、Nicolasは父親の域には達していなかった天文学の専門知識をSecretanとの協業でさらに進めようとしたのかもしれません。1855年にはNicolasが第一線を退き、Secretanが実質的な経営者となっています。

今回のこのレンズは、その約10年後に生産されたと思われる風景用レンズ(Landscape Lens)で、レンズ自体はダゲレオタイプ時代のものと同様の、凸レンズと凹レンズの貼り合わせダブレット1群のみで構成されています。残念なことにカメラ前部の絞り部分が欠落しておりますが、その分格安で入手。

                                                                                             refference : Corrado D'agostini Photographic Lenses  Of The 1800's In France

Lerebours is one of the most historical optical company in France and originally their main business was the procudtion of Astronomic Telescopes.
They are admired as Lerebours for Telescope, together with Chevalier for microscope and Soleil for apparatuses for conducting experiments. Founder is Noel Jean
) who was born in humble, started his work at 12 years old in reading glass manufacture in Paris.in reading glass manufacture in Paris
He started his own business at the age of 18 to establish scientific instruments. He was successful in manufacuring Astoronomic Telescope afterwards,
as the record remained that he devoted a Telescope to Napoleon with the recomendation of famous Astronomer.
Nicols Mary Paynal Lerebours(1807-73) who succeeded the company after Noel stared the production of Photografic Lenses. Their main product were
1/achromatic doublet and 2/petzval type lenses.
Mark Francis Louis Secretan 1804-67) became a partner from 1845. Because he was the chair of Astoronomy at the Academy, I suppose that Nicolas wanted
to proceed their Astronomic business to fill up the knowledge of Astronomy more than his father Noel. In 1855 Nicolas stepped down from the company and Secretan
became the sole owner.
They supplied Achromatic Doublet lens to the Giroux Daguerreotype Camera folling Chevalier lens in 1839.
This lens numbered 2345 is a Landscape Lens made apprx. 10 years later from Giroux Daguerreotype Camera, but the composition of the lens is almost same,
a convex lens and a concave lens glued together , apperture was set forward of the lens. Unfortunately this lens lost the apperture parts, but bought in very cheap.
How this lens shows the expression of f3-f4 full aperture??

                                                                                                                                       refference : Corrado D'agostini Photographic Lenses  Of The 1800's In France

Photos with Lerebours et Secretan No.2345 (EOS5D)




It was the first time to visit Bashamichi-Matsuri in Yokohama. It was not such a big scale event, I could spend enjoyable time in a relaxing feeling. The official guest wearing aged costume were less than 10, but other public mania joining there arose the movement.

Photos taken by Kino Plasmat 9cmf1.5 were on the same day.
It was a little adventure useng single achromatic doublet lens in more than 150 years ago at full apperture. Pictures are soft, but also show firm core inside which gave me a nice sense of era.