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In the end of February 07, I obtained new Makro-Plasmat. It is Makro Plasmat 120mmf2.9. There is no helicoid on this barrel lens. It seem to cover 4X5, but I soon starts to remodel for EOS5D as always. Since the screw is not made with the sufficient convenience which will be fit into 39mm like a Ross lens of the other day , it is a problem how the main part of a lens could be fixed to Helicoid (made by TOMY). Because I did not want to do nonreciprocal, I took for the first time the method of fixing the lens body (after it had protected it so as not to damage it) with six screws after the screw hole was cut in the helicoid ring which is a little fatter than the lens body trunk. Because I was able to fix it without moving an inch for the first trial, I feel a little relieved. I got possible to use this at the focus from infinity to around 1.2m.

 Photos with Makro-Plasmat 120mm
not Diamond Fuji


As I  hear a news to be able to see the Diamond Fuji from the bank of Arakawa river. But the position is a little deviated unfortunattely. Although the condition was like that, I could see the amazing row of many cmaeamen. I could enjoy splendid scenary of the sunset.

Ending of Cherry blossoms

近所の桜も散りはじめました。 通りがかる人たちにピントを合わせましたが、とてもクリアに描写してくれています。このレンズの素直さが表れた描写ですね。

The cherry blossoms in my neighborhood had started to fall. I made focus on people coming under the trees, this Makro Plasmat 120mm showed a very clear description.  I felt to see one good aspect of its straight characteristic..

at garden



As for the six photos of the first row , an each even number joint is partial expansion of the photographs of this side (Orychophragmus violaceus), I can see bokeh melts away wonderfully.  The swirling bokeh hardly comes up as Kino-Plasmat, . As far as I feel, it has the similar characteristics with Macro-Switar lens.

The second row shows the end of ‘Japanese butterbur scape’ and sprout of ‘Spike winter hazel’. And the third row shows sprout of ‘hydrangea’. Just to make sure.