Nikkor 5cm f1.1 Nikon S mount

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レンズ構成 6群9枚
最短撮影距離 1m
フィルター径 62mm
重さ 400g(外爪)、347g(内爪)
発売 1956年

Lens composition  6groups 9lenses
Shortest distance 1m
Filter  62mm
Weight  400g,347g
Start sales  1956

Lens Impression

昭和28(1953)年発売の「ズノー 5cm F1.1」に続き、昭和31(1956)年2月に発売され、日本の超大口径レンズの開発競争に拍車をかけたレンズです。設計者は同社設計部第三数学課の課長技師だった村上 三郎 氏で約2年の月日を要したということです。レンズ構成はズノーと異なるダブルガウス型で、それまでのニッコールの設計思想とも異なります。当時としては最新の稀土類の La(ランタン)系ガラスを凸レンズ 3 枚に用い、さらに構成ガラス枚数を増やすことで各レンズエレメント毎のパワーを弱め、球面収差と像面湾曲を補正しています。(ニッコール千夜一夜物語より)


Nikkor 50mmf1.1 appeared in 1956 as the 2nd Ultra Fast Normal Lens following to 1953 Zunow 50mm f1.1 which accerate the competition of developing Ultra Fast lenses.
This lens was designed by Mr.Murakami of Nikon company who have taken almost 2years to develop.
The composition of this lens is Double Gauss type which is different from Zunow 50mmf1.1 Sonnar type and also Nikon changed their past basic concept to use Sonnar type to their normal lenses.
They apply the latest La Glass to 3 convex lenses and used more glasses to weaken the power of each lens element to correct spherical aberration and curvature of field.

The description of this lens is clear, and appearance of color is powerful. Its bokeh at full apperture shows not obvious characteristic
This is definetely Nikon to achieve such expression in2-3 years after developing Zunow in the same f1.1 apperture, even I personaly feel a kind of insufficient feeling because I usually use such lenses having strong aberration in periphral area..

 Photos with Nikkor 5cm f1.1
Hongo area



Because the war damage was not such severe around this area, there had been many  historical wooden buildings remained. However re-construction to modern building is progressing rapidly for its aging.
The public bath on the 3rd photo, shall be pulled down in a few month.

It was a hot day with strong sunshine in early autumn, Nikkor f1.1 lens express ithe contrast of shading rather degnifiedly.

Elephants in London city


I found colorful elephants at many place in London. It seems a kind of art event to ask artists in UK to paint elephants with their own concept. Many pedestrian stopped to take photos with elephant.
The description of Nikkor f1.1 was very clear and neutral.