Planar 50mm f1.4 MM  

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レンズ構成 6群7枚
最短撮影距離 45cm
サイズ 62.5mm×41mm
重量 275g
フィルター径 55mm

Lens constitution 6 group 7 lenses
Shortest photographing distance 45cm
Weight 275g
Filter diameter 55mm

Lens Impression

いわずと知れたCONTAX RTS用の標準レンズ。この個体は後期のMMJバージョンです。典型的な変形ダブルガウス型のレンズ構成で、前群の空気レンズ部分も含めてかなり反射面が多い構成だが、T*コーティングのご利益で、非常にすっきりとした描写を見せてくれます。

The obvious standard lens for CONTAX RTS. This individual is an MMJ version of the latter period. With typical modified double gauss type lens composition, also including the air lens portion of a front group, although it is composition with quite many reflective surfaces, it shows the very refreshed depiction by the divine favor of T* coating. In the AE type lens of the earlier term it was superior in the very 3-D image, which I could see the difference with the other lenses seeing positives from the distance. But seem to become quiet in MMJ a little.

  Photos with Planar 50mm
Borough Market


It is a market of the appetite in the Thames river southern coast. course, Although this lens was a famous lens for RTS, I left for a while in Japan. It is an appearance after a long absence this time in London. The description was an image without failure as reputation, and the color was thick. I have memory that early type shows in the reversal film considerably superior color paste and the 3-D image, but this MMJ seems not reaching a little to that. .