Planar 80mm f2.8 from Rolleiflex 2.8F

Lens Data

Lens Unit

Lens Photo

レンズ構成 4群5枚
最短撮影距離 90cm
サイズ 不明
重量 不明
フィルター径 46mmくらい

Lens constitution  4 groups 5 lenses
Shortest photography distance  90cm
Size  N.A.
Weight  N.A.
Filter diameter  around 46mm
Rudolph original Planar Hasselbrad Planar 80mmf2.8(6 lens) Hasselbrad Planar 80mmf2.8(7 lens) Rollei SL66 Planar 80mmf2.8 Rolleiflex6008 Planar 80mmf2.8 Lmount Rollei HFT Planar 80mmf2.8 Rolleiflex 3.5F Planar 75mmf3.5 Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 80mmf2 Contax RTS Planar 85mmf1.4 Contax RTS Planar 85mmf1.2 Contarex Planar 55mmf1.4 Contax RTS Planar 50mmf1.4 Rolleiflex SL35 Planar 50mmf1.8

Lens Impression

名玉の声も高い、Rolleiflex 2.8Fに装着されているPlanar80mmレンズです。
さて、細長い鏡胴になったレンズをいざ手にしてみると、Carl ZeissのPlanarにはかなりの種類の80mmf2.8があることに気がつきました。各々のレンズの詳しいデータは知りませんが、とりあえず主だったもののレンズ構成図を上に並べてみました。オリジナルの対称型プラナーに近いもの、かなり変則的にデザインされているものなど様々ですね。
ところで、このローライフレックスの80mmf2.8は、他のいずれのプラナー80mmとも構成が似ていません(このレンズをコピーしたLマウントHFT80mmを除く)。特に第3群の薄く湾曲したレンズが特徴的ですが、このようなレンズは他のプラナーにはなく、むしろ同じZEISSの「Biometar」に似ています。また、上図右端のRollei SL35用のプラナー50mmf1.8もプラナーとしては非常に珍しいレンズ構成です。いったいプラナーという名称をつける基準みたいなものがZeiss社内にはあるのでしょうか。気になるところです。

This is a Planar 80mm lens attached to Rolleiflex 2.8F which has such a high reputation as good lens.
Since the condition of this 2.8F has been getting worse, and got the estimation for repair which costs a remarkable expenses, I decided to utilize only lens for digital photo.

Although the design of this lens is similar to 80mmf2.8 (above figure) of once sold for Rollei35RF, of course, an age of both lenses and also material of glasses are so different. I think the opportunities for this lens used in digital photograph is rather rare cases.
Well, I just noticed that there were considerable kinds of Planar 80mmf2.8 as touching the long barreled and slender lens after remodeled by Mr. Miyazaki. I do not know the detailed data of each lens, but I arrange the figures of the constitution of these lenses above. There are various types, such as nearer to the original symmetrical type, such as designed in quite irregular.
By the way, 80mmf2.8 of this Rolleiflex resembles neither other Planar 80mm in constitution (except L mount HFT80mm which copied this lens). Although the glass in the 3rd group which is thin and curved is characteristic, other Plana does not have such a lens, and it resembles rather "Biometar" of the same ZEISS Company. In addition, Planar 50mmf1.8 for Rollei SL35 of the right end of upper has the lens constitution that is very rare as Planar. I wonder is there on earth any standatd to name ‘Plana’ in accordance with the composition of the lens?
It does not seem to be strong to the against light because it is an indeed old lens. The description in the straight light is wonderfull, and I can enjoy a slightly soft feeling at the full aperture and well-defined description of closed aperture both.

 Photos with Planar 80mmf2.8
Venezian Design


The shape of Gondla queuing, Venetian glasses, ‘Bridge of Sigh’ surrounded by an advertisement of jeweler, Chandelier of the Venetian glasses, the form of the oar which rowed a ship, Wineglasses of the Venetian glass, Roof of a church and the canal, Venetian-style building reflected in the sculpture, the shape of the nose of Venetian man in the last, I arranged "forms" in Venetia which caught the mind of myself in random order.

Bluebell Railway and Hever castle


I think that this is a very excellent lens in the description of atmosphere. It doesn't become too hard even in closed aperture, and softness has been left somehow. There seems to be little influence by the double image(two lines) bokeh, or the swirling bokeh by astigmatism. The aberration should be controled well because of the symmetrical Gauss type.