Rollei 35 1st version 「Rollei-COMPUR-GOSSEN-ZEISS」

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製造年: 1966年
重量: 370g

Production year: 1966
Composition: 3 group 4 lenses
weight : 370g
focusing: no coupling


1966年にハインツ・ヴァースケ(Heinz Waaske、1924年10月4日 - 1995年7月31日)によって設計され、翌年から生産が開始されたこのカメラは、シャッターがコンパー製、露出計がゴッセン製、レンズがCarl Zeiss製という豪華な部品を限界まで小型化したボディに組み込んだ精密なカメラです。



This is the Origin of the high-end compact 35mm camera, and it is ‘extremely early model’ of Rollei 35 which led the history of the field.
This camera, which was designed in 1966 by Heinz Waaske (October 4, 1924- July 31, 1994) and started its production in the following year, was a precision camera whichi was incorporated with luxurious parts from a shutter made by Compur, an exposure meter by Gossen, and lens by Carl Zeiss into the minimum sized body
As if boasting of them, ‘Rollei-COMPUR-GOSSEN-ZEISS’ was stamped on the bottom of the back of the body to the first 8,000(or less) units from its production started.
(Please refer the first picture above)
The production was held in Germany during 1966-1971, but then moved to Singapore. Even now, those made in Germany seem to be more valuable.

The serial number of this individual is 3000745, since Rollei 35 started its production from the number of 3000201, it is considered that it is very early one only 545th from the start of production, if simply calculated.
As this individual as maintenance by professional, both the shutter and the exposure meter are functioning satisfactorily.

 Photos with Rollei 35 1st version

On an autumn rainy day, I went out to try this camera in the neighborhood.
As the scanner at home has not so good performance, please note that the particles of the film stand out.
With the digital camera, it is possible to adjust the ISO sensitivity without particular concern such as particles of images, but the film camera, of course, can not be changed once film is loaded. As it was a dim autumn day, I had to worry about camera shake when closing aperture or about the focusing without rangefinder when opening aperture. The old
memories struggled such with film cameras have come back.
Although I can not say anything with only these examples, the description of the lens seems to be powerful and thick without any collapse to the surroundings. No , I do not think I can say nothing unless I shoot them under different conditions.