RÜO Kino 5cm f3.5

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社名:Optische-Werke Ruedersdorf , BERLIN
レンズ構成 : トリプレット型
製造時期 : 1920年代前半

Company : Optische-Werke Ruedersdorf , BERLIN
Composition :  Triplet type
Production : early 1920's

Lens Impression

RÜO Optik GMBHとも称される「Optische-Werke Ruedersdorf」は非常に資料・情報の少ない会社で、詳しいことはよくわかりません。

カタログによりますと、RÜO Kinoレンズは、f3.5とf2.5には32mm,35mm,40mm,50mm,75mm,100mmがあり、f2.0には35mmと42mmが記載されています。RÜO Kinoとは記載されておりませんが、RÜO Optikにはf1.5のレンズもあり、Caleinarという名称のものが記録にあります。焦点距離は確認できたものだけで、40mm,42mm,60mmがあります。

今回のレンズは、カタログにも出ている、RÜO Kino 5cmf3.5で、トリプレット型のコンパクトな一本です。ライカマウント(連動)には手作業で加工しましたが、なかなか一体感のある仕上がりになりました(自画自賛)。レンズ前面の金文字が美しいですね。


"Optische-Werke Ruedersdorf" which was also called RÜO Optik GMBH is a very small company with very limited information, and I do not know the details.
It was established in 1919 - 20 in Bremen (famous for the fairy tale 'Bremen music band'), and after 2-3 years it has moved to Berlin and became this company name.
However, after less than 10 years of activity, it is recorded that their activity was ceased in 1932.
There are few catalogs of the company, so I will post some of them from my collection.

According to the catalog, the RÜO Kino lens has 32 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm in f 3.5 and f 2.5, and 35mm and 42mm in f 2.0.
Although it is not described as RÜO Kino, they made several f1.5 lenses often recorded as the name of Caleinar. The focal length that I could confirm are 40mm, 42mm, 60mm.

This lens RÜO Kino 5 cm f 3.5 which can also be seen in catalog. is a triplet type and very compact shape. I modified it into the Leica mount (coupled) manually, which I could make it in a sense of unity. The gold letters on the front of the lens are beautiful.

The depiction is wonderful. Especially the three-dimensional feeling was very rich, it was amazing. Please check with example photos.

 Photos with Ruo Kino 5cm f3.5


I posted some photos stone Buddha first. Despite being not deeply dug, the shadows stand out and it gives me a wonderful three-dimensional feeling.
Although it was made in almost 100 years ago, it gives me feel different taste from modern lenses at a glance including the flare at highlight of pictures.