Som Berthiot Paris Flor 75mm f2.8

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なかなか市場に登場する機会の少ないSOM BerthiotのFlorレンズですが、今回はなぜか55mmとこの75mmほぼ同時に手元に来ました。

We usually do not have enough chance to see SOM Berthiot Flor lenses in market, I could get 55mm and 75mm lenses at almost same timing. The build and outlook of lens bodies are very similar, and also serial numbers are both 283 thousands, so I personally am very positive that they are the original Leica mount lenses made in same period.
As description, I can see weak white flare in the center area depending on the light condition, however this lens has enough sharpness in general together with some softness in open apertures. It shows no swirling bokeh. Additionally, it shows less back side bokeh than I expected despite middle range telephoto lens, which seems to have wider focus range among others.

 Photos with Som Berthiot 75mm
Shinagawa shukuba matsuri


I used Leica M-P(M240) in which Live-View function is equipped. However it is very difficult to
make focus on a subject.moving continuouisly with middle telephoto focal lenghth lens by the Live-View.
On the other hand, the Rangefinder of Leica is so easy and functional to use..
 I understand why many famous professional snap photographers loved Leica Cameras.
But I made a mistake to oversee the coupling of rangefinder was not proper which made
many photos a little out of focus. I post some photos with proper fucus luckily.
The description of this Flor 75mm is neat with rather smaller size bokeh without peculiar taste of expression.

Bluebell Railways


It has been a misty condition in whole day and visibility was not so good, but this lens described perspective so clearly. The back side bokeh is rather small because I suppose the examples are taken in certain distance. I should try to take nearer subjects in next time.