Summilux 50mm f1.4

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構成: 5群7枚

Summilux 50mmf1.4
Angle of view 45 degrees
Weight 325g
Composition 5groups 7lenses
Filter diameter 43mm
Shortest distance 100cm

Lens Impression


The Lens that exists longest at hand among Leica lenses. The combination with M4 chrome looks as "This is the Leica" in my own mind, the description is also so wonderful at the same time. The affinity with Kodachrome has been splendid, however I almost stopped taking pictures with film recently. Taking with R-D1 or M8, it is indeed difficult to get the tasty description with a latent power of Kodachrome had had, but still gives very excellent output.

 Photos with Summilux 50mm


Different from London, I feel something like sadness in Paris of late autumn. However, it is little regrettable that the stands of the Velib rental bicycle system started in 2007 which are installed in whole town often come into the field angle of photos when I take on atomospheric corners of down-town.
The taste of dishes were as expected. Very different from that of London. Especially the oysters were exceptional because of their high season now. As for Clignancourt of antique market where I had visited over 20 years ago, there was no such vigor, on the other hand it had become to give me the feeling which just a little is dangerous place. Above all this Summilux is a lens which gives me a wonderful sense of identitive togetherness when equipping to M8 silver. Although description shows a little 2 lines double image bokeh from a double gauss type compasition, it is a wonderful lens I can rely on in comfort from the start to the last.


Halloween has been gradually becoming popular also in Japan. But aren't there still few people who know the real meaning primarily? These are the Halloween decoration photoed with the first type Summilux 50mmf1.4 at last week.
Although a new type of ASPH lens gets reputation these days, the first type of silver body is also my favorite and palatable by very tasty descriptions. Among all, I shall not forget the image of Kodachrome 64 film that showed sparkle brightness rising among the tasteful description. It is difficult to catch up such level with digital yet. But it is no doubt that R-D1 is also in very high level.