Taylor, Taylor and Honson 63mm f1.86(T2) APRIL1955

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Production est 1955
Composition : Unknown,.
Number of reflection in front group is 2+2+3, and 3 in rear group. Diameter of front glass is about 33nn and last glass is 21mm which has a rather large difference. I estimat the composition of this lens might be a modified Sonnar/Ernostar type, but can not exclude the possibility of Double Gauss because TTH has few production of Sonnar type..


Might be a modified Sonnar/Ernostar  type.

Lens Impression

レンズ前面外周には、「63mm f1.86(T2)  DES.346.000.161 APRIL 1955 と刻まれていますが、レンズ名はありません。 「63mmf1.86」は、簡単に言い換えると「2.5インチf1.9」ということなのでしょうが、「DES.346.000.161」についてはよくわかりませんでした。 また「APRIL 1955]についても、製造日なのか、納品日なのか、特許などの日付なのかわかりません。とにかく不思議なレンズです。HKGの友人からお借りしたものなので、入手の経路なども不明です。



This is a mysterious lens from Taylor, of Taylor and Hobson.
On the front outer circumference of the lensm it is engraved as "63 mm f 1.86 (T 2) & nbsp; DES 346. 000.161 APRIL 1955" , but there is no lens name on it. I suppose,  "63 mm f1.86 "means simply as " 2.5 inch f1.9 ",  but I have no idea about" DES.346.000.161 ".  Also, I do not know whether "APRIL 1955" is manufacturing date, delivery date or patent date etc.
Anyway, it is a mysterious lens. As it is borrowed from a friend of HKG, so the route of obtaining is unknown too.
The lens barrel is made of brass and got a considerably heavy feeling.
Is it made for some special aim , such as for military purposes?
Glass keeps very good condition, but you can see a little yellowing of lenses might be common in this age. Although I do not measure it, there is a possibility that thorium etc is used in glass. But despite I see a slight yellow color in its description after taking photo, if it is digital use, it is not a level to be nervous, that can be easily adjusted in the process.

 Photos with TTH 63mm f1.86(T2)     
, Toyosu




Sharp and three-dimensional lens. That is my first impression of shooting with this lens.
There may be a unique history of Tsukiji in my brain, but in any photos,  it makes me feel a sense of air very much. I was rather shocked in the feeling of the depth of the first photo.

In Toyosu I shot with considerable closed aperture, so the stereoscopic effect is somewhat retracted.
Although the image originally got some yellow color, the reason why the picture is closer to Yellow / Magenta in general isbecause I have been fascinated recently by Luigi ghirri style finish, so the effect from the elements of the lens itself are not so much.