Tessar 35mm f3.5 (Yashica/Kyocera T-AFD)

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Start sales 1984
Composition 3groups 4lenses
diaphragm : 8 (behind lens)

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今回は不動となった母体からレンズを取り外し、こちらもジャンクで購入したコムラー35mm f3.5の鏡胴に移植させていただきました。母体に付属していた絞り機構もそのまま取り外し、レンズ後方に設置しました。絞り値調節のためにはレンズを外さなくてはいけませんが、なかなかきれいにできたのではないかと思います。(上記画像参照)
試写したところ、最初に気づいたのが、このレンズの「画角」です。どう見ても通常の35mmレンズよりは広い範囲が写ります。下記に同鏡胴を持つ「Kyoei W.Klaroptik 35mmf3.5」の画角との比較画像を載せますので、確認してみてください。

Tessar 35mm f3.5 W.Klaroptik 35mm f3.5


This is a very compact Tessar lens. It has been popular to modify this lens into a suitable mount of Digital Camera because of its superb description.
The camera which this lens was attached is Kyocera/Yashica T-AFD which is almost same as Yashica Partner AF camera, difference is only lens coating and maybe some others.
At the time of sale, they adopted an famous actress Reiko Ohara as an image character and promoted its sales with a tagline "with beppin lens"
She is beautiful forever.
I, this time, took off the lens from a immovable body and modified into a junk lens body of Komura 35mm f3.5. The diaphragm mechanism attached to the mother was removed as it was, and it was installed in the rear of the lens. In order to adjust the aperture value, I have to remove the lens, but I think I could make rather pretty..

 When I tried this lens, the first thing I noticed was the "angle of view" of this lens. It is certain the angle of this lens is wider than the other 35mm lenses. Please refer the comparison with Kyoei W.Klaroptik 35mm f3.5 which has the same lens body.
Additionally, what I realized is the difference of the size of bokeh. Both pictures were taken at f3.5 full aperture, we can see the 2 step difference of aperture on the enlarged images. However they shows only small difference on the iron tower in further behind. It is mysterious because I did not touch the lens elements itself to modify into the new body.
I can estimate the possibility that the aperture of this lens is more narrowed than the prescribed value, and the deviation of the optical axis at the time of processing, and others But the shutter speed of both pictures are not so different, and I can not imagine the deviation of the axis from the expression of this lens.

Description of this lens is superior, but I could observe the decrease of the peripheral light intensity as such small lens, and also the flow of the surrounding blur, which reminds me the taste as the old lens enough.

 Photos with Tessar 35mm f3.5


I made a walk with a friend on a winter day of beautiful light.
.Shadows of buildings and others created by oblique rays make my mood of photo shooting very exciting.
This time, I posted the photos in devided into 3 levels of shadows, people and buildings.
I could understand a part ofits reputation of this Tessar lens among the old lens fans. The description of the subject is very sharp enough as the modern lens, but its bokeh and the expression of peripheral area is that of old lens which almost is self-expressed by the lens. Anyway it is very fun lens without doubt.