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絞りが装備されていないため、プロジェクションレンズとも思われますが、フーゴ・マイヤーのプロジェクションレンズといえば、Kinon SuperiorやFilmostarが定番であり、トリオプランはあまり眼にしたことがありません。

この番号は通算の製造番号ですと、おそらく1900年以前に当てはまるものですが、その時点ではトリオプランは開発されていないはずです。撮影以外の他の目的のレンズで、独自の製造番号を付したと考えるのが妥当ですが、Kinon SuperiorやFilmostarのそれとも異なった体系のようですし、また、製造番号を含むレンズ前面の一連の刻印がとても自然で、Kinon SuperiorやFilmostarが鏡胴に無造作に刻印されているのとはまったく趣きを異にしています。


This is the unidentified Trioplan 50mm f3.0 up to now.
Because it has no iris diaphragm equipped, I suppose it might be a lens for projector.
But I have never seen a projection lens of Trioplan yet otherwise I know lots of Kinon Superior’s or Filmostar’s.

The most confusing point of this lens is its very small serial number of ‘2824’.
Because there is a period engraved at the end of numbers, I think it is not a mistake of seal.
This serial number comes under the last few years at the end of 19th century, but the Trioplan lens has not been released yet. It is not odd to think that  this lens was made for the other purpose to apply the different serial numbers system, but apparently it is quite different that of Kinon Superior’s or Filmostar’s.
And also, the front design of this lens engraved the name, focal length, aperture and serial number is quite natual and full of uniformity to compare with those of Kinon Superior’s or Filmostar’s.
The glasses of this lens without coating are very beautiful.
At any rate, it should be a very early Trioplan lens.

Its description is very unique in a single phrase. Using only with full aperture of f3.0, the lowering exposure and murmuring aberration at the peripheral area permeate
into the heart of photographer uneasily.
The first samples are taken under cloudy sky, I wonder how it describes its spiritual scenery under the bright sunshine.

 Photos with Trioplan 50mm f3.0
Akiya Kaigan


I could find few people along Akiya coast in late summer under such deep cloudy sky.
One sole couple asking shoulder each other were looking towards horizon.
Local houses along coast were still and quiet, only dull light from tiles roof drew my attention.
I thought such scene is suitable for B/W photo, but I adhered to take in color to show its unique characteristics of description with stable color expression and lowering exposure around peripheral area.