Hugo Meyer Trioplan 6inch f3.0 on Leica S2

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製造年 : 1925-6年ごろ。

Production : around 1925-26

1930 BJPA

Lens Impression

上記1930年のThe British Journal Photographic Almanacではf3.0のトリオプランはポートレートと刻印されて紹介されていますが、このレンズはそれより数年古い製造のためか、その刻印はありません。開放ですと、残存する球面収差によって画面全体に柔らかなフレアがかかり、一見ピントが合っていないようにも見えてしまいますが、芯の部分には焦点が来ています。


This is a very heavy lens which makes me feel its density of glass.
It is well known that f3.0 Trioplan shows very tasty description among many kinds of Trioplans, this lens does also.
Trioplan f3.0 was introduced as 'Portrait' on the British Journal Photographic Armanac, but this one has no such carved seal because this lens was manufactured in several years earlier, maybe. At full aperture, it shows tender flare over the whole picture by the remaining spherical aberration which makes feeling as out-of-fucus, however we can find its focus in the core.

The focal length of 6inch equals to 120mm on 35mm format. Because this lens is so heavy, it is rather difficult to rotate helicoid smoothly. I had difficulty to take snap photos of moving persons.

  Photos with Trioplan 6inch f3.0
Nishiarai Daishi


It was very much crowded in Nishiarai-Daish even to keep proper distance for taking photos for 6inch=120mm for 35mm format lens. And as I whote in Lens Impression, I made many out-of-focus phots becuase of heavy helicoid rotation. However I think characteristic of Trioplan full aperture on the left example photos.