Ultron 50mm f2.0

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発売 1950年
レンズ構成 5群6枚

Start Sales around 1950
Composition 5 groups 6 lenses

Lens Impression


This Ultron 50mmf2.0 was attached to Vitessa Camera. I got this relatively cheap which had beed already removed from the Camera and modified into Leica coupled mount.
Ultron 50mm has various lens composition and most famous is the standard lens for Icarex which has concave surface.
This one has different composition of orthodox ‘modified Gauss type’ designed 18 years ealier than that of convave.
The sharpness of focus part and its transparency of the entire screen surprised me a lot.
Although it is not so possible to enjoy the aberration of peripheral area, but I think it shows large confidence to give one of the best depiction at that age..

 Photos with Ultron 50mm f2.0
Shinagawa kaijo park


I shot a little in the park near Tennozu Isle which has one building of Water Authority with Biotope and flower garden on its roof. Various flowers and plants make us enjoy in all seasons.
The planting of flowers has been devised, and flowers of each season are divided in accordance with the colors which appeal the unified sense of the place.
Also on the day, yellow area, blue area, white area and red area has been beautifully designed.

Shinagawa matsuri


It was a festival of Shinagawa shrine. Since I arrived in the evening getting dark, I had not such time to take photos. Still Ultron 50mm gave me neat depictions with full aperture of the lens.
Autofocus adapter of Leica-Sony α made by Techart was very useful in such situation.
Although around the Mikoshi-portable shrine was a tremendous crowd, I could take photos easily aloft a camera in ‘one’ hand by depending the adjustment of focusing with the Leica lens on the adapter.