1846-7 Voigtlander Wien No.2062 Petzval about 150mm f3.5-4 

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製造年 : 1846-47
レンズ構成 : 最初期ペッツバール型
製造番号 : 2062

Production : 1846-47
Lens composition : early Petzval type
Serial number : 2062

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  レンズの歴史のURL  (1840年の項目をご覧ください。)



This is a very rare lens made in 1840th among vintage brass lenses.
As Daguerre invented(practicalize) 1st Daguerreotype photography in 1939 and the invention of Petzval type in 1841, this lens is the witness of the age when photography was very exclusive technology among limited people.
You can find the short story about the invention of Petzval in ' History of photo lens' in this HP and the friction between Petzval and Voigtlander company in ' Lens School' in this HP.

Petzval himself did not manufacture lenses but asked Voigtlander to make under their intimate relations. So this lens can be identified as 'Pure Petzval lens'.

The original Petzval lens attached on Voigtlander Daguerreotype Camera was known 149mmf3.7. As judging from its photos, I almost am convinced that the shape and size, focal length and speed are probably same as this introducing lens. I can estimate this lens might be the same lens as the original first Petzval lens.


Photos with Voigtlander Wien No.2062 Petzval about 150mm f3.5-4



I made a test. The 1st photo is at full aperture and 2nd is around f8 with diaphragm plate. Other photos are almost at full aperture.
I took with Leica S2 which use the center part of image ciecle of this lens, which made very flat description. As seeing the image of this limited part, I almost started to doubt about the development of lens technology in this 170 years after the prodction of this lens.