Xenon 8cm f2.0

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year : around 1942
mount : Leica screw mount(uncoupled)
Lens Impression

鏡胴のデザインが非常にユニークですが、ライカマウントでは、最近価格が高騰している5cmf1.5のファット・タイプや135mmf3.5Xenarなどとも共通していますし、他にもEXAKTAマウント、Cマウントに似たデザインが存在します。ライカマウントのこのタイプのレンズは一部でWar Xenonとも呼ばれ、第二次大戦中に相当する製造番号の個体が多いようですが、戦後の製造番号も確認されています。

It has a unique design of Lens body, but we can confirm similar design on Xenon 5cmf1.5 in LTM fat type, Xenar 135mmf3.5 LTM, or other lenses in Exakta mount and C mount. Somebody says this type as War Xenon because most of whose serial numbers could be designated those during WWII, however we can find some which have numbers after the war. According to Schneider’s list, they produce in very small lots. I can not understand why Schneider have produced such Xenon/Xenar lenses in Leica mount despite they already have been supplying Xenon 5cm f1.5 lens officially to Ernst Leitz Company.

 Photos with Xenon 8cm


As I visited Tochigi city during Halloween season, I stopped to watch children’s costume contest there. I had difficult time to make focus on costumed children walking towards me only using live-view of Leica M-P because the lens has no function of coupling.

The description of the lens I found is very decent. Its Bokeh shows tenderness and no particular taste. On the other hand, I feel some feeling of its age from its photo, I think it is also one of significant ‘Oldlens Taste